Dr. Reda Osman

Dr. Reda Osman

Specialist Neonatology Paediatrics
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Dr. Reda Osman received his medical degree (MBBCh) from Al Azhr University, Egypt in 2004 and obtained his postgraduate degree (M.Sc ) in Paediatrics in the year 2011 from Banha University, Egypt.

Dr. Reda started his professional career as House Officer in Elhuseein Hospital – Al Azhr University, Cairo and then held resident of Paediatrics & Neonatology position with many hospitals such as Kalyob Fever Hospital, El Doaah Hospital, and El Nile Health Insurance Hospital in Egypt.

Post completion of his medicine degree in Paediatrics, Dr. Reda joined Wadi Al-Dawaser General Hospital, Riyadh, managed by Health Directorate, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, as a resident of Neonatology. He later worked as a specialist of neonatology at Dallah Hospital RIYADH, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Prior to joining NMC Royal Women’s Hospital, Dr. Reda was last associated with Dr. Bakhsh Hospital Jeddah, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Dr. Reda’s skills in management of ELBW and ventilated neonatal babies include endotracheal intubation, use of different type of mechanical ventilators, high frequency ventilators, Bi NCPAP and insertion of chest tubes, insertion of different I.V. lines.

He speaks Arabic and English.