Obstetrics & Gynaecology

We have a team of highly skilled and experienced doctors from all around the word that aim at reaching the highest level of patient wellbeing during pregnancy and delivery. With one united goal of patient safety, doctors work hand in hand with the help of professional nurses and midwives.

In addition, women who have just reached puberty are able to visit our gynaecology department to discuss their menstrual cycles and hormonal issues, preparing them for a healthy and bright future ahead.

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NMC Royal Women’s Hospital offers a wide variety of Gynaecological services such as surgeries, screening, prevention, family planning, urogynaecology and many more to ensure that all female needs are met under one roof.

This department is specialized in antenatal and postnatal care of patients, treatment of gynecological problems, problems associated with menstrual disorders and menopause, infertility, and contraception.

The outpatient department offers the following services:

  • Pre–pregnancy counselling
  • Regular antenatal care
  • Care of high-risk pregnancies
  • Medical management of ectopic pregnancy
  • Well Woman Clinic for all age groups, including:
    • Breast cancer screening
    • Cervical cancer screening
    • Pelvic examination
  • Family planning
  • Treatment of common gynaecological infections
  • Evaluation and treatment of menstrual irregularities, peri and postmenopausal symptoms
  • Evaluation of infertile couples by
  • Insertion and removal of Intrauterine contraceptive devices
  • Minor surgical procedures under local anaesthesia like incision and drainage of abscess
  • Urogynecology – urodynamic studies, diagnosis and treatment of urological problems
  • Colposcopy and cervical biopsy

Maternity and child-care services:

NMC Royal Women’s Hospital offers excellent care to both mother and baby in a caring and relaxed environment during pregnancy and childbirth. An experienced team of doctor’s handle:

  • Normal and assisted vaginal deliveries
  • Vaginal Birth After Caesarean Section (VBAC)
  • Epidural for pain-free deliveries
  • Perform cesarean sections when indicated
  • Midwifery services

As a patient of NMC Royal Women’s Hospital, you are welcome to experience the following services:

  • HalaBaby – maternal education classes
  • Prenatal yoga classes
  • Lactation support
  • Birth certificate services
  • Free photoshoot
  • Goodie bag
  • Hospital tour

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