Purpose Vision Goals & Values


NMC has always played an integral part in supporting the UAE's healthcare system and its continuous growth and progress since its inception in 1974.

We take pride in doing what's best for our patients and endeavour to keep the best interest of our people at heart by creating a positive culture that fosters collaboration, innovation and continuous learning.

OUR PURPOSE is to deliver personalised care that matters, and this is the reason we exist, the difference we make n the world.

OUR VISION is to be the preferred healthcare system in our communities and it is the future we see for our company and the destination we are working towards.

OUR GOALS are to deliver quality patient outcomes by becoming an integrated healthcare system that is driven by operational efficiency whislt we continue expand our geographical network and services.

These sre specific, measurable targets that will guide our efforts in the coming years and helps us to fulfill our Vision.

OUR VALUES Safety, excellence, ethics, trust, and collaboration form our set of Values, and these are the principles that we live by every day.

They are the standards we hold ourselves to and the expectations we have for one another. Our values guide our behaviour and decision-making processes, ensuring that we always act with integrity and professionalism, and they motivate as we aspire to remain the leading healthcare brand in the region.