Dr. Anandhalakshmi Durairaj

Dr. Anandhalakshmi Durairaj

Specialist Anaesthesiology
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Dr. Anandhalakshmi Durairaj is a Specialist Anesthesiologist with special interest in Obstetric Anesthesia, Labor Analgesia and Pediatrics Anesthesia. She has over 7 years of experience in the field of Anesthesiology in providing anesthesia for

  1. Obstetric surgeries
  2. Gynaecological surgeries
  3. Paediatric surgeries
  4. Pain management
  5. ENT surgeries
  6. Orthopedic surgeries
  7. Laparoscopic surgeries and general surgeries
  8. Neurosurgery


  1. Comparative Effectof Ephedrine, Mephentermine and Phenylephrine during SpinalAnesthesia.

    Published in Annals of International and Dental Research,Vol(3),Issue(3) in April 2017.

  2. Evaluating the additive effect of dexmedetomidine with levobupivacaine in axillary brachial plexus blockade.

    Published in Medpulse International Journal of Anesthesiology in December 2019.

Dr. Anandhalakshmi Durairaj completed her MBBS from Government Medical College - Perundurai, India and then completed her M.D in Anesthesiology from Government Stanley Medical College, India.

She speaks English, Malayalam and Tamil.