Expected signs of labour

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Expected signs of labour
Expected signs of labour

Some of the signs you may expect when labour begins:

  • Contractions, that may start as mild then continue to become stronger and last longer. A regular contraction - occurs when the contractions are frequent and feel strong and last more than 30 seconds. (comes more frequently, lasts longer and gets stronger)
  • The urge to go to toilet, as this feeling is caused by the pressure of baby on your bladder or bowel, breaking of the waters (rupture of membranes), backache or aching and a heavy feeling in the lower abdomen.
  • Shows mucus like substance that comes out of the vagina, before labour starts. It may come out in one blob or several pieces and is pink in colour due to the blood staining, however; this is normal. A show indicates that the cervix is starting to open.
  • Breaking of water may occur during labour, but may happen before the beginning of labour as well, you may feel a slow trickle or a sudden gush of water. It is clear and pale straw in colour.


You should immediately visit the hospital when your water breaks, or if your contractions are regular and are 5 minutes apart.