Ms. Vearle Avni

Ms. Vearle Avni

Lactation Consultant
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Since childhood, Vearle has loved babies. She became interested in birthing as a teenager and followed her passion by qualifying first as a Registered Nurse then as a Midwife. She completed her Advanced Midwifery and Neonatological Nursing Diploma followed by her Masters degree in Maternal and Child Nursing Science at the University of Johannesburg, South Africa. As a registered Private Professional Midwife, she had a holistic homebirth practice for many years where she also provided Childbirth Education and Lactation services. In 1990 she had a life changing experience when her son Stefan was born as a waterbirth.  She breastfed him for nearly 3 years.

She joined Corniche Hospital in 2010 as a Midwife and from 2012 – 2015 was a Clinical Resource Midwife. Thereafter she joined a private primary healthcare clinic as the maternity services manager.  She then had the opportunity to manage a homecare organization and moved to Al Ain. She continued providing support to breastfeeding moms through referrals she received from La Leche League and previous clients. She achieved her IBCLC in 2011 and renewed her license in 2016.  While in the UAE she completed her MBA and course work for both her MSc and DBA degrees. She is now working on completing her theses while studying Pre and Perinatal Birth Psychology through APPPAH. She remains passionate about everything to do with birth believing that this experience for both babies and moms forms the foundation of life and our future as a planet.

As a Lactation Consultant at NMC Royal Women’s Hospital she is dedicated to providing support, guidance and education for babies, mothers and staff with the aim that the facility achieves the Baby Friendly status to become the first BFHI accredited private hospital in Abu Dhabi.

Vearle speaks English and Afrikaans