Laser Treatment Services

Laser for Hair Removal

Laser hair removal is a treatment of choice for removing unwanted hair from the body. Hair growth originates in the follicles. The technique uses highly concentrated light (laser) to penetrate the hair follicles and arrest its growth. The intense heat from the laser beam damages the hair follicles, reducing the amount and thickness of hair as well as inhibiting future growth.

Before the procedure, the problem hair is trimmed to a few millimeters above the surface of the skin. You are given special goggles to protect your eyes from the laser beam. The procedure is performed under the effects of a topical anesthetic. A cold gel or a special cooling device attached to the tip of the instrument is used to protect and help the laser light to penetrate into the skin. The instrument is set according to the thickness and density of your hair. Your doctor presses a hand-held laser device onto the region of interest. The duration of treatment depends upon the area.

After completion of the procedure, you are given anti-inflammatory cream or lotion and ice packs or cold-water treatment to ease discomfort. Treatments are continued until the hair stops growing. For best results, you may need four to six sittings. Your next treatment is scheduled after four to six weeks.

As with any procedure, laser hair removal also involves certain risks and complications such as pain, blisters, burns and scarring.

Accent Laser for Skin Tightening 

Accent Dual-layer RF Thermotherapy is a therapy that uses advanced radio frequency technology to tighten loose skin. This procedure is used to treat wrinkles and loose skin to give you a tighter and smoother appearance. This treatment is safe and can be performed on various parts of the body such as your face, neck, upper arms, thighs and postnatal abdomen.

During the procedure, radio frequency waves are targeted on the problem areas. This heats the tissue present beneath your skin and promotes healthy collagen production. The procedure takes about 45 minutes depending on the surface area to be treated.

Accent Dual-layer RF Thermotherapy is a non-invasive technique that does not require anesthesia or recovery time. You may experience some slight redness in the treated area, which disappears within a day or so, allowing you to resume your normal activities immediately.