NMC Women’s Hospital is being built with a focus to bring together a team of consultant and specialist Gynaecologists, Obstetricians, Neonatologists and other women’s care specialists of high professional calibre. The team will also include nurses, midwives and allied heath staff specially trained to provide warm and tender care to all women and babies attending the hospital.

Advanced Maternity Services: The focus on obstetrics and neonatology will ensure that during all aspects of pregnancy and delivery, the mother and child are in safe and expert hands.

Services provided in this regard will cover:

  • Medical check-ups for pregnant women, from routine ultrasounds to testing for genetic anomalies
  • Nutrition counselling from dieticians
  • Exercise counselling and exercise sessions from physiotherapists aimed at assisting women with safe deliveries
  • A combination of standard, luxurious VIP and lavishly decorated Royal suites for inpatient stay
  • Maternity Suites with birthing room and High Dependency Unit
  • Labour Delivery Recovery and Postpartum rooms provided in the same room, so mums and babies do not have to move rooms