DR. Laila M. ElGadi

DR. Laila M. ElGadi

Specialist Internal Medicine
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Dr. Laila Elgadi is an American Board-Certified Internal Medicine doctor of Libyan decent. She completed her MD in Internal Medicine from American Board in 2008 and her MBBS from the University of Tripoli, Libya. Furthermore, she has certifications in ACLS and BLS.

Dr. Laila has rich experience of working the United States of America and middle-east. She has previously worked in Corniche hospital and was last associated with one of the leading private multispecialty hospital in Abu Dhabi.

Dr. Laila specializes in:

  1. Care of pregnant woman with medical problems.
  2. Care of pregnant woman during ante, intra and postnatal periods.
  3. Care of woman with gynaecological disease/s and other medical problems .
  4. Care of out-patients and in-patients including HDU patients.

Her special interest includes gestational diabetes, pre-eclampsia, management of vitamin D deficiency, hypertension, diabetes mellitus, asthma, thyroid disorders, gastrointestinal disorder and infectious diseases. 

She speaks Arabic and English.